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Finding serviced apartments West Lake Hanoi

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Looking for high-class serviced apartments across Tay Ho area Hanoi? Check out some typical listings below. Currently, we also provide much more options on the spot. Saving time, contact us for advice.

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Serviced apartments for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi

Search for West lake Hanoi serviced apartments, choose from the following selections:

Tay Ho Serviced Apartments - Rentals Search, Owners Direct
Garden Terrace Apartment Âu Cơ

ID: 236-2835

Tay Ho 1 Bedroom Serviced Apartment for Rent with Terrace, Gym, Free now

Explore Tay Ho apartments short term / long lets. Our kid friendly 1 bed 1 bath serviced apartment offers extended living space combining dining room, open kitchen, getting beautiful sparkling lights of sunrise and sunset, surrounding fresh gardens, decorative flower plants, mini mountains, little pond, bonsai which make your place extremely unique and absolutely romantic.

Budget price: $700 - $1800 monthly (inclusive of Wi-Fi internet, cable TV, breakfast, coffee, maid service - Changing bedsheets, washing clothes, room cleaning three times weekly). Check this special offers right today!

2 Beds 2 Baths

ID: 236-2836

Look for Tay Ho 2 Bedroom Serviced Apartment, Garden Terrace, Brand-new

This fifth floor family serviced apartment near Au Co street Tay Ho designed to meet your housing needs. It is quietly located on the , boasting its own terraces (pretty mountain & greenery garden) accessible directly from main bed. All fixtures and movable are already set up properly, such as systems of lighting, beds, linens, pillows, immaculate blankets, makeup, water heater, dual way air-conditioners, washing machine, refrigerator, smoke alarms, fixed phone line. See newest choice with photos, details.

Pricing: US$1800 per month.

2 room house plan

ID: 236-2837

Need 2 bed 2 bath serviced apartments, Tay Ho, West Lake Hanoi - Complimentary Wifi

Tay Ho appealing stylish apartment available for rent immediately, newly constructed: living room dining room kitchen combination, impressive decoration, full of natural light, well-ventilated, waterproofing tiled balconies, wooden floors. Furnished status and good conditions: L-shape sofa combined bright colored cushions, 4 chair dining table set, cooking tools, fridge, microwave oven, electric stove, timber Queen size beds, low headboard, bedside cabinets, sleeping lamps, corner closet etc.

Month to month lease: US$1700.

Sedona Suites Quang Ba Luxurious Serviced Apartment

ID: 23-920

Tay Ho luxury 3 bedroom holiday apartment with Swimming Pools, Gyms, Sauna

Tay Ho imposing Lakeview serviced apartment Sedona Suites 96 Tô Ngọc Vân, Quang Ba. This warm wooden floor has 3 beds, 2 baths, splendid expanding living room. Enjoy your new home with wonderful services, hospitable friendly receptionists.

Price: US$3900/mon. Please contact for best offer.

Eye-catching oversized apartment

ID: 17-2821

Tay Ho Lake view Fully Furnished Serviced Apartment, awesome location to stay

Tay Ho, Hanoi Lake View irresistible 3 bed 3 bath apartment is located on the fifth floor of the high-rise, containing unique scenic beauty of Ho Tay, including open concept sitting zone, rolling light preventing curtains shared dining room, separate kitchen, carefully built with natural laminate flooring finish & modern style furnishings by famous furniture firm. It is an ideal option if customers do business inside or nearby City centre, or people who work for embassies - Just bring your personal luggage to move in. Seek further details.

Price: US$5400 / month (Long term contract, commencing from 12 months or above; Payment term of every 3 or 5 months, 01 month fee as security deposit amount)

Senior apartment

ID: 93-916

Westlake Hanoi 3 bed 2 bath Apartment, Outdoor Balcony, Elegant Suites Tay Ho

Elegant suites 10B Dang Thai Mai consists of 205m2, including spacious open plan living room with large windows and balcony that have cute Hanoi City views, plus high-end toiletry amenities. It is totally fitted glossy color harmony. All the facilities are well equipped. It looks so contemporary and make these accommodations great address to stay.

Price: 3900 monthly; Free housing tour.

Short term - Peaceful Location

ID: 21-752

Tây Hồ Residence - Family friendly 2 Bedroom Serviced Apartment Includes Utilities

This Oriental Palace 33 Tay Ho district Hanoi lying on high-floor, designed area of about 80sqm, has got shining open living room, front patio overlooking stunning West Lake connected dining zone, appointed kitchenette, 2 individual sleeping rooms with windows receiving cool air, brilliant neat clean bath.

Price: US$2000 / month.

Xom Chua, Dang Thai Mai Apartment

ID: 24-919

Tay Ho Extraordinary 3 Bedroom Apartment, Xom Chua, Dang Thai Mai street, Tây Hồ view

Dang Thai Mai street, Xom Chua Tay Ho. This perfect generous lake view apartment 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms provides approximately 290m2, spotless living dining kitchen combo, connecting with wide kitchen countertop attached cooking appliances. This fabulous position building also offers some other grand size apts. Check it out & satisfy your extended stays or business trips.

Pricing: US$2900/mon.

Apartment with Utilities Included

ID: 3-2863

HC One Bedroom Serviced Apartment for Rent in Tay Ho

Single bedroom apartment for rent designed in deluxe European style. Decorating a small living dining room expansion to create open spaces. Gallery where you can admire cityscape, gorgeous Nhat Tan Bridge at night.

Asking price: US$900 - $1000 each month

Xuan Dieu Complete condominium

ID: 24-523

Affordable 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment, Xuan Dieu road, Tay Ho Westlake

Want to rent Tay Ho Hanoi outfitted flats? Uncover this self catering property. This cozy tenement Xuan Dieu houses shiny wood floor salon, sharing completely filled dining zone, kitchen layout together plus 1 toilet, bath added.

Charge: US$700.

Similar recommended choices: Trich Sai apartment, Water point, Moon apartment, Maison Palace Apartment - To Ngoc Van Quang An.

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