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Apartment for rent in Dong Da District, Hanoi

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Seek for an apartment for rent across Dong Da district? Explore the real estate list below. Pick up it by buildings: 1 - 4 beds, outfitted & un / semi-furnished properties.

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ID 937

ID: 937

Modern Family Apartment Đống Đa

This deluxe room is located on the low floor of Tower B, Sky City Tower, Dong Da district, built up with a gross acreage 102m2, comprising of living room extention with wide outdoor balcony in front, sharing with dining room, 2 wooden floor bedrooms separately, 2 toilets. Every room has been carefully filled with upscale furnishings. You only need to bring your own baggage to check in. Be suitable for a single person or a couple to stay.

Fee is asking for $800/month. Order ASAP.

Perfectly fitted

ID: 926

Dong Da apartments for rent by Owners - Hanoi

The apartment for rent has working room (could be make the second bedroom), decorating open plan livingroom shared dining room, distinguished kitchen with wall dividers, ensuites. It has attractive high end interiors: LCD TV and cabinet, leather sofa, Japanese style double bed with Thanh Cong Lake view bulwark, make-up; decorative shelf, shoe cabinet, dining table set. Free to check in right immediately. Book soon.

$900 a month.

Fully Equipped High Floor South West

ID: 927

Residential Tower A Sky City Towers - Fully Equipped, family friendly

Designed with an open sitting place having an extensive balustrade which can lay coffee table outside, dining provided with set of wooden dining desk and 6 chairs, close kitchen with two doors, wood floors, personal bathroom and toilet. The room is completely set up with all the fixtures and movables for the convenient use of dweller.



ID: 642

Find short term apartment, Dong Da

3 beds, 2 baths. Looking for condominiums, Sky City living quarters are worth your penny. With 139m2, it is decorated with quaint wallpapers, comprises of ventilated open living-zone with wide front terraces of panoramic outlook, closed kitchen. The top-notch, refurbished one is so sparkling, brilliant and cool because the main direction facing South West, high-class furniture and careful design.



ID: 702

Dong Da Swimming pool Apartment search

3 beds / 2 baths.Seeking for a renovated apartment at Sky City Towers? This one can meet your inquiry. Sky City Tower interesting individual leasehold is cheaper than others in the community, and may beyond your expectation. With 144m2, it features combined dining timber living-zone together, separated kitchen. It is provided with all necessary equipment, and ready for the tenant to check in!

$1009/mon. Check it out and do not loose your chance!

Imposing Interiors

ID: 656

Sky City Contemporary Corner location Đống Đa

The Sky City eye-catching corner home features shiny fresh airy open plan living hall with enticing paintings plus large front stoop with spectacular vision where you can enjoy coffee outside, unconnected gourmet kitchen with cooking tools adjacient to laundry and a store, nearby eading-room (fitting room) that could be converted to the third bedroom, separate bathroom installation with bathtub and a toilet with toilet amenities.



ID: 655

Newly renovated apartment installed additional furniture

2 bed / 2 bath. Highly recommendedBeing proud of years of experience, Hanpro has succeeded in introducing tenants renting properties in the Compound with many deals. And here is great choice for you. This Sky City extraordinary City view suite is designed warmly, offering living space supported with LCD screen TV - 52 inch supplied presently, extended dining room, independent kitchen. With big parapet directly facing West direction, the enchanting up-to-date one is so bright, sunny and windy.


ID 632

ID: 632

Want Dong Da 3 bedroom 2 bathroom for rent

2 beds / 2 bathsThe Sky City Tower 88 Lang Ha child friendly unit, luxuriously designed with 112.5 m2, boasts charming shining parlor with front rail of fabulous sight where the renter can lay a coffee table comfortably, a nice dining room, inconsequent kitchen with accessories attached. Take hold of this fortune at Block A.


High-end interior

ID: 657

Need 2 bedroom flat to rent, 88 Lang Ha

Doing business is your task. Searching your family home is our mission! Being real estate company based in Ha Noi, we could locate the right suite for you. This property is constructed with 139m2, incl 2 big and 1 small bedroom (can be converted to reading-room), sitting-room expanding dining, excellent kitchen and 2 WCs. Read more about this Complex.

Price: US$1199/mon (incl VAT).

Senior fixtures

ID: 730

Choosing Dong Da Room for Rent with balcony, Hanoi

3 bed / 2 bath. This Sky City Tower luxury apartment highlights open salon with north-western direction veranda linked with eating-room, distinct kitchen, corner master bedroom with windows and spacious bathroom with lying bathtub, child bedroom with baby furnishing, narrow chamber which are perhaps be changed to study-room, plus public toilet.

Price: $1159/mon.

Sky City Hà Nội: 88 Lang Ha Vacant Apartment

ID: 631

Hunting Dong Da places to live. Viewing Vacant 2 bed 2 bath

This cautiously kept apartment comprises of open plan living space fitted with soft splendid sofa set with North-eastern direction banister, in connection with eating-room with dining-table and 6 comfortable chairs, cute discontinuous kitchen with cooking utensils, disjointed closets and bedding.

$1000 only.

Căn hộ 88 Láng Hạ

ID: 753

Đống Đa Family-owned Accommodation

2 beds / 2 baths. Placed on high storey of Building A, this one has extending living space and dining-place plus sweet little kitchen. It is restful and looks new. Discover realty with our realtors, you must be happy while dwelling in Hanoi - The City for Peace!


Sky City 88 Láng Hạ

ID: 699

Dong Da Self catering large balcony apartment, Hanoi

Wood floor Well-fitted 3 bed type. Peacefully situated on the high-floor, this timber storey self-contained flat comprises of expanded living room with warm dining-room, a unattached kitchen with kitchen utensils. It looks immaculate, neat and homelike to live. See more choices in this lodgings today!

Rate: $1200/mon.

Extremely Amazing stylish

ID: 800

Moving to Dong Da ward. Visit Fabulous Well-Designed Apartment floor plan

Exclusive 3 beds, 2 bathsConstructed on 144m2, this charming top-end wood floor, well-maintained unit, including open extensive sitting-room dining extentions, one cook-house, toiletry facilities.

Charge: $1550/mon

Quận Đống Đa, TP. Hà nội

ID: 787

Marvelous well appointed apartment

3 bed / 2 bath.This very appealing one, 172 square meters, offers magnificent immense living dining room combo, kitchen separation with cooking facilities, distinct beds (one lying bathtub).

Price: 1600 USD.

Chung cư Láng Hạ Quận Đống Đa

ID: 740

Dong Da Terraced Apartment - Shining Perfect layout

3 bed 2 bath.Consisting of 144m2, boasts spacious open living room with balconies, open concept dining-place plus detached kitchen next to peculiar beds, a fairly roomy bathroom and a toilet and amenities.

Fee is $1050/mon.

Colorful with Vastly Sideview

ID: 601

Look for rental apartments Dong Da district Hanoi

3 beds, 2 bathsThis fantastic option, size of 139m2, full fittings, occupies bright airy living dining combination with timber-floor plus big dress circle ahead with endless City view. Kitchen is on the right hand of the main door and washing area with washing machine. On the left side, there are desultory with vast windows, toilet with standing shower and main bedroom with a self-sufficient spacious bathroom.

Rate is 1195 USD/mon.

101 Lang Ha street

ID: 157

3 bedroom apartment, 101 Lang Ha, Dong Da district

With easy transportation, 101 Lang Ha building, attracts clients at affordable rates, offering from 2-3 bed units with sizes from 147 to 163m2. Uncover more with details.

Month rent starts at $600.

101 Lang Ha Apartment

ID: 745

3 bedroom 2 bath apartment, Stylish model, 101 Lang Ha

This beautiful bright one is placed at 101 Lang Ha building (near Thai Thinh road, Thang Long ford high-rise), featuring open living room leading to up to date kitchen with cooking facilities plus cozy timber-floor beds plus 2 toilets (one with lying bathtub). it looks so superior and clean. Do not miss it out!

Cost: $900 monthly.

Supreme Thanh Cong Towers 57 Lang Ha

ID: 137

2 bedroom 2 bath Apartment - Thanh Cong Towers 57 Lang Ha street

Wonderful decoration: Lying on high-floor of Thanh Cong Tower, this attractive one consists of open plan living room connecting with dining and kitchen. It is windy, bright and cozy. Do not miss it out!

Pricing: US$650/month.

Hà Nội Elegant Low Cost

ID: 741

Apartment with indoor heated swimming pool, Sky City 88 Lang Ha, Dong Da

2 beds / 2 baths. Nested on the high location, this affordable property comprises of sizable living room expansion into eating-room, discriminative kitchen with cooking facilities, unaffiliated King size beds with furnishing. Discover further details now.

Price: US$901/mon.

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