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Apartment with pool, tennis, children playground

ID: 174-2818

Rent Luxury Apartment in Thanh Xuan with Swimming Pools, Fitness, Onsite Spa

2 Beds 2 Baths. Searching for West Hanoi apartments? Perfect neat clean budget condo offers granite floor sitting zone, front balconies, shared with dining room, shining lying bathtub inside the master bedroom, toilet seat, spotless shower, basin, hanging cord. All the interiors are installed such as white color sofa set, coffee desk, TV, carpet, bedsheets, closets etc.

Reduced price: $ 900 / month, including VAT

Vincom Center Nguyen Trai Fully Furnished dig

ID: 174-885

Thanh Xuan 2 Bedroom Apartment for Rent Available, Well-furnished

Vincom 74 Nguyen Trai self-contained apartment in Royal City (prestigious project) is laid middle-story R4 Block. It is constructed roughly 131m2. Decorating living dining room combination (added big speakers + TV, soft cushion leather sofa, glass coffee table, front dress circle), near modern kitchenette, detached bedchambers (noise & odor-reduction measures applied). Learn more details now!

It costs: US $ 1190 /month.

Ample, tidy and neat pools & modern fitness

ID: 174-886

Vinhomes Nguyen Trai fully equipped Apartment, Small Balcony

Look for Thanh Xuân apartments for rent 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms? R04 high-level pet-friendly condominium is quietly nested, stunning, totally fitted, consisting of sunny sitting and dining room together, set up granite flooring; front paved patio armed double layers curtains, leading to individual kitchen with sliding glass door divider, wide windows.

Current price: US $ 1100 monthly.

Vinhomes Residence lettings

ID: 174-887

Very Spacious 3 Bedroom apartment, Vincom Mega Mall Royal City

Sizable high-level appointed unit, the living quarters, 179.8m2 acreage. It is be formed of open large plan salon sharing space, dining, then distinctive kitchen owning two-door refrigerator, wood flooring added. This one can fit large-scale family to live or couple who loves space. Visit the upscale Compound right today!

Asking for: US$ 1300 each month.

Cosy habitat

ID: 174-879

Thanh Xuan Affordable 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment for Rent

Silently located the 29 floor, comprising of 121m2 total dimension, boasting appealing decoration sheeny open sitting hall, direct access comfortable marble-floors, full movables set up: 6 seat dining table set, toiletry facilities. Quickly check it out some real images.

Price: US$1100 / month.

Let high-quality amenities

ID: 174-882

Thanh Xuan Brand-new, Semi-furnished Apartment with Utilities Included

3 beds 2 baths. Privately owned Royal City residence, erected 131.5m2 gross superficies, contains wooden-level, sitting room, dining, kitchen accompanied by long cabinet, (lying bathtub + standing shower). Discover further details now!

Rent: US$800/mon.

Semi-furnished Apartment with shared pools, Gyms

ID: 174-880

Royal City Thanh Xuan Unfurnished Apartment, Family-owned

This 3 bed 2 bath apartment features 131.4m2 size, sited Block R4. The empty digs is inclusive: timber-floor, single beds, high-class marble floor living linked eating, small kitchen. Ideally fit customers who like furnishing it yourself.

Fee: US$850/mon.

Low rate, Stylish Decoration

ID: 174-881

Cheap Apartment, 74 Nguyen Trai Thanh Xuan

This self contained low rate flat boasts laminate story sleeping rooms, open plan living dining combination, amenities. It is newly built and received land-use rights from investor. It is currently empty, so you can supply personal interior style.

Offering: US$800/mon.

Unoccupied state

ID: 174-871

Thanh Xuan Hanoi Terrace apartment Direct Owner

Part-furnished apartment in Royal City for rent - This building R4 obtains 131m2 total area structured, sunny salon accompanied by separate kitchen. It is ready to move in. Equipment filled your way!

Price: US$900/mon (Rate is dependent on outlook, lessors expectation etc).

2 room apartment floor plan

ID: 15-2856

Hoang Ngan Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh Serviced Apartment

2 beds 2 baths. Need apartment for 1 month or long terms in Thanh Xuan? This Hoang Ngan well presented suite designed with deluxe style, combined living dining kitchen that maximizes space.

Price: US$600 / month.

Family friendly apartment

ID: 15-2857

Hoang Ngan 2 Bed 2 Bath Apartment, Thanh Xuan - Hanoi

This family apartment for rent is peacefully positioned on sixth floor. Electronic equipment, furniture are completely provided. Include the following as dual-way air conditioning system, cupboard, bedding, wooden frame, armchair sets, washing machine, dryer, water heater, hot cold water filters, pots and pans.

Pricing: US$650 per month.

Today January 20th, 2019

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