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Vincom Ba Trieu housing information

Vincom City Towers Hanoi

* Address: 114 Mai Hac De, Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, VN
* Rental type: Apartments & family friendly penthouse Apartments
* Area: 84 m2, 132 m2, 161 m2, 200m2
* Design: 1 - 3 fully equipped beds
* Building services: Swimming pool & gym
* Service: 24/24 hour security, Parking
* On site Supermarket, recreational area
* Price rate is offering from: 1000 USD/month

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Apartment Rental at Vincom Center Hanoi

(For residences, just call: Vincom Park Place)

Talking about Hanoi shelters, Vincom Park Place is known as a place of full options. Conveniently located in the heart of Hanoi, 114 Mai Hac De street, Hai Ba Trung district, 25 floor Vincom Park Place boasts 208 luxury apartments from 8 - 25 floor (of which, 8 units are penthouse Apartments (400m2 with large balcony)) with modern design, being bright and so quiet. Supermarket (Vincom City Towers) and restaurants and recreation are on the spot; just 10 minutes' taxi to Hoan Kiem Lake. This will be an ideal address for your life.

Vincom Hanoi Apartment for Rent - Frontage

Vincom Park Place building

Vincom Park Place high-rise Apartments For Rent

Vincharm Spa Hanoi

Vincom Complex Services:

  • Luxurious drawing-room; A park before drawing-room of 1100 m2; Shopping center
  • Canadian International Kindergarten; Vincharm Spa, gym with modern equipments, massage
  • Indoor warm water swimming pool of 450m2
  • 3 parking basements meeting parking demand of the residents
  • 6 elevators of high speed, and a modern ventilation system
  • Door Phone System with images connected from the drawing-room to every apartment
  • 2 generators of 1600KWA, ensuring power for the residents in all cases
  • A discount of 30% for the residents when buying gyms cards in Vincharm Spa, including gymnasium and warm water swimming pool.


  • Reception at the drawing-room; 24/7 security guard with a camera system
  • Support in installation of telephone, internet and cable television systems
  • Hygiene services upon requirements of the residents
  • Support in procedures with local polices; Services of technical assistance for the residents.

Rental Pricing

(Subject to change without prior notice).

The below list of price range is updated usually; however, the best way to track the price for Hanoi shelters in general and Vincom Park Place in particular is by calling us or via email.


Bedroom (s)


Price (USD/month)




1000 - 1100




1500 - 2000




2000 - 2500




2500 - 3500





  • 68 apartments with 1 bedroom has an area of 83.64 m2 or 91.38 m2.
  • 60 apartments with 2 bedroom has got an area of 132.37 m2.
  • 80 apartments with 3 bedroom has an area of 161 m2 or 201.79 m2.

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