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* Location: Xuân Hòa Apartments, Buoi road, Cong Vi commune, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, Vietnam
Total: 56 units
Property type: 1 bed, open living room sharing kitchen, 1 large bathroom
Usable areas: from 55m2 to over 60m2
Services: room cleaning, 5 times/week and two saturdays a month.
Starting in: 12/2013; Year completed: 12/2014
Price: $1.100 ~ $2.000 monthly

Article content (Comprehensive explanation)

Xuân Hoà apartments - Luxury, Brandnew!

Highly recommended cozy apartments at Xuan Hoa Building Duong Buoi, Cong Vi!

Being one of the most beautiful fully furnished apartments for rent in Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Xuan apartment homes give the tentants a comfortable luxury life with their high end furnishings mostly imported from abroad. From toilery facilities, wood floors, dining table set,  beddings, closets, air conditioning, fridge, washing machine and so on, all are made carefully with high quality.

High class facilities fitted

  • Wifi internet connection and local calls
  • Cable TV with multi channels
  • Electronic door locks.
  • Bathtub: separate shower area.
  • TOTO Washlet toilet with remote controls.
  • Kitchen from Qatar.
  • System power substation separate stations. The generator is capable to meet the 70% capacity utilization of the building.

Month rent

Rental price starts at 1100 USD per month (Negotiation might be applied).


Have a look at some images for Xuân Hòa apartments:

Xuân Hòa Apartments Cống Vị Ba Đình Hà Nội - Living room

Xuan Hoa One bedroom apartment - Flat TV, double layer curtains with open windows

Xuân Hòa Apartments - Living room kitchen closet and curtain system

Sitting room dining area and kitchen with Flat TV, flower vase

Xuân Hòa Apartments for rent - Eating room with 4 chairs and dining desk, carpet

Xuan Hoa apartment - King size bed, bedsheets, pillows

Xuan Hòa Apartments: Bed, linens, TV hanging on wall, bedside cabinet

Xuan Hoa properties - Spacious bathroom with full amenities

Big Toilet - Standing shower, lavabo

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