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Looking for Tu Liem private apartments for lease at high rise complexes or low-rise buildings? Check out the following listings. To save your time, call or send our dedicated hardworking agents your detailed enquiry, we will reply you back soon. Or have an appointment with us for a free housing inspection onsite those regions attract you - Lowest price guarantee.

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Today December 10th, 2018

Tu Liem Housing Rentals

Search properties for rent in Tu Liem district? Have a look at some top rental homes in Tu Liem and wherever possible around Hanoi City:

Dolphin Plaza The Garden Me Tri Ciputra 2 bed 2 bath apartment Houses Villas
3 Bedroom Apartment at Dolphin Plaza 28 Tran Binh, Nam Tu Liem Luxury, 2 Bedroom Apartment at The Garden Two Bedroom Apartment Houses Ciputra Tu Liem 4-5 Bedroom Villa in Nam Tu Liem - My Dinh II