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Park Hill Premium are apartment buildings belonging to Times City 458/460 Minh Khai road Hai Ba Trung district Hanoi where is regarded as the best place to live in Times City complex (under Vietnam Investment Group Joint Stock Company (Vingroup JSC)). Look for Park Hill Premium apartments for sale or rent, please contact us.

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Vinhomes Times City Park Hill Premium Apartment

Times City Park Hill apartment complexes

Park Hill I
    Park Hill Times City
  • Park 1 Times City
  • Park 2 Times City
  • Park 3 Times City
  • Park 4 Times City
  • Park 5 Times City
  • Park 6 Times City
  • Park 7 Times City
  • Park 8 Times City
Park Hill II
    Park Hill Premium Times City
  • Park 9 Times City
  • Park 10 Times City
  • Park 11 Times City
  • Park 12 Times City

PARK HILL PREMIUM is built on a total area of 25,063 square meters, including four apartment towers ranging from Park 9 till Park 12 (contemporary shophouses) equipped with the Smart Home system along with a series of 30 varied local amenities.

Park Hill Premium high rises

Park Hill Premium Total project site area

Park Hill Premium layout overview

Unique public utilities

Peacefully situated in the most desirable inner-city Vietnam - Times City, PARK HILL PREMIUM connects, inherits all facilities & infrastructure of international standards such as Vinschool system; Vinmec International General Hospital; Shopping centre; 24/7 security, front desk service to home-based service like cleaning service, laundry, repair service.

Island traffic, Gate greeting Park Hill Premium, creative playground, Swing Garden, Creative playing zone, Stone garden, scenic flower gardens, Dome Spot, Street Scenery, Garden playing chess, Square, BBQ Garden, Art Garden, Garden walks, Green Island, kid pool, special central swimming pool 80m length, Rest chairs, wooden floors, Stylish stone paving, Running track, Pick up point - Hanging Gardens, Garden of love, Fast parking, Badminton court, Tennis court, Basketball court, Outdoor sports, car basement entrance down, Gardens of trees

Park Hill Premium buildings include

PARK 9 (2/3 beds)

Park 9 Park Hill Premium is located right at crossroads Times City Interchange and Vinschool School. 34-floor building with density: 16 units / floor, boasts 8 lifts + 2 freight lifts; emergency staircase. Apartment area: Two bedroom apartment from 68.1 m2 - 78.9m2; Three bedroom apartment: 99.7m2 - 129.7m2

PARK 10 (2/5 beds)

Park 10 Park Hill Premium features 34 floors (32 storeys for residential apartments, two for shophouse); 18 units each floor; 10 passengers + 2 freight ladders; stairwells. 2 bedroom apartments: 73.9m2 - 79.4m2 (Apartment number: 02, 07, 10, 12A, 12B, 11, 16, 17); Three-bedroom apartment beginning from 116.6m2 - 122.3m2 (01, 08, 09, 12, 15, 18); 4 bedroom apartments: 134.8m2 to 157m2 (03, 05, 06); five bedroom apartment and multi-purpose room: 178,4m2 (04)

PARK 11 (1/4 beds)

Park 11 Park Hill Premium North: Face Park 10; South: Open cityview; West: Looking toward Park 12; East: View Park Hill Phase 1. 34-storey building, 12 elevators + 2 escalators. Offers one bedroom apartment until four bedroom apartments. 2 beds: 68.1 m2 - 79.4 m2; Three bedrooms: from 116.6m2-122.3m2; 4 bedrooms: 144m2 - 148,8m2.

PARK 12 (1/3 beds)

Park 12 Park Hill Premium South and West: Hanoi poetic city views; East: Pool View, City Center Lights and Park 11; North: Overlook Park 9. 34-storey building with 22 apts per floor. Single bedroom apartment - 3 bedroom apartment types: 2 bedrooms: 11 units / floor (02, 03, 05, 06, 08, 09, 12, 17, 19, 20, 21); Three bedroom apartment: nine units / floor (01, 04, 07, 10, 11, 12A, 12B, 18, 22); 1 bedroom apartment: only 2 units / floor (15, 16).

Park Hill Premium Smart Home

Inheriting urban lifestyle of Vinhomes Times City Park Hill, the launch of Smart Home in Park Hill Premium is perfect start to future life - a place where living values converge. Remarkable facility of clever apartment, busy metropolis and harmonious landscape design.

High-class amenities onsite

Breaking concept of normal high rise condominium, Park Hill Premium will bring new breakthroughs to luxury apartments with world-class smart technology utilities integration.

At smarthome Park Hill Premium, everything is automated. From self-induction lights, remote control curtains, intelligent light systems, apartment owners are able to administer a button: Touch switch - Fast and convenient. Device incorporating synchronous processors, landlord could adjust every device in the house: sound, air conditioning, etc via bluetooth, Smart Phone or tablet. Doorbell interactive displays images, CCTV, smoke detectors, fire alarms are integrated automatically, the Park Hill Premium residents can enjoy optimal safety. Apartment design is optimal (optimize use functions), brilliant, superior in terms of utility & energy saving. Intelligent Sensor: Multi-region sound lines and flexible dynamic control features will unquestionably provide excellent audio-visual experience for home owner.

Times City Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Park Hill Premium condominium

Park Hill Premium map on Times City project

The Times City housing project is constructed over 364,500 sqm, according to concept of eco-friendly urban architecture of Singapore Island. The consists of 23 high-rises, 230.00m2 commercial center, giant entertainment area, diversified food area, unique aquarium, 5-star hotel hospital, high schools, preschool meeting global standard requests, green park chain and lake more than 100,000m2, nursery on high. Times City compound has become an important factor, waking up its potential, contributing to changing appearance of promising South Land of Hanoi Capital, and giving Times City dwellers a young, modern and perfect living space.

At Park Hill Premium blocks, inhabitants definitely satisfy with full range of in-town living amenity including:

  • Vincom Mega Mall (massive underground hypermarket)
  • Sports court; Vinmec
  • Children's play area; Vinschool
  • Green parks, walking path, which elderly customers expect.

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