Unfurnished Apartments in Keangnam Residential Tower, E6 Pham Hung, Hanoi

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Property primary information. Usable area: 107.8 sqm
* Design: 3 beds, living room and kitchen
* Building services: Sky 72 observatory, multiplex cinema; Swimming pool, sports, spas & salons etc
* Pricing: 800 USD/month (Net)

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Look for unfurnished apartments Hanoi, you've reached the right place. We provides a series of Hanoi apartment without equipment, so that you can buy furniture and equip your home with your own style.

Quietly and conveniently situated on high floor of Tower B, Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower, the unfitted timber level shelter has got wooden floor living-room sharing with dining area and kitchen leading to 3 separate cozy timber floor bedrooms with wardrobes, a toilet with standing shower and a bathroom with bathtub.


  • This property is almost empty. It will equipped upon request but higher rate
  • It is already provided by project:
  • Two way air-con system in all rooms, Light system, Fridge, Wardrobe in all bedrooms, Shoes/coat cabinet (big and tall) by main door, Internet (high speed), Phone connection, Gas, Water, Auto fire protection, Security with camera.


  • Lounge, Rock climbing, Reading room, Children's room, Sport facilities including: fitness centre, tennis court, badminton court, table tennis, swimming pool for adults and children, indoor climbing wall
  • Children's play ground and learning Academy, Billiard room, Landscaped garden, Roof garden
  • Home automation system providing 24/24 hour security, on-line gauge examination, systematic control of parking lot and gate, etc
  • High speed IT infrastructure and satellite television system, One stop convenience with all your daily needs: shops, restaurants, banks, Public facilities.

The rent

Pricing from 800 USD/month (Net). (Rate is subject to change without prior notice). Call: 0983619169 to get best offer!
  • Car park: 875,000 VND/car/month; 45,000 VND/motorbike/month (if yes)
  • Management fee; Housing tax; Internet bill; Average phone bill per month; Electricity bill; Water bill


kitchen pass through designs

two sided bay window curtain pole

back door bedroom - Little balcony

windows facing north east

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Today February 18th, 2019

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