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Three room Apartment with swimming pool

- The apartment for rent 2 beds 2 baths constructed with open plan sitting room shared dining zone, closed kitchen.
- Construction area: 134m2
- Offered price: US$1100 monthly.
Note: agency commission fee policy when introducing tenants sucessfully applied as normal rule for relocation experts.

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Fully fitted two bedroom apartment leasing, invested with both enthusiasm and quality

Availability: taken

There are huge amount of residential apartments in Royal City but our two-bedroom apartment is professionally created and designed specially and much different from others. Furniture recently purchased and installed, provided quite meticulous in every detail with high quality. Designing in a youthful style way is to meet the housing needs of individuals, small-scale families, foreign experts working in Hanoi for long.

What you are allowed to use

  • Wooden living room, combining dining room: violet soft sofa set, carpet, wall mounted TV plus cable channels, multi-color decorative vases, wood cabinets. Telephone line and internet hubs.
  • Dining zone: 6 seater dining table set.
  • Gourmet kitchen: Opening the tempered glass door to enter. It has silent inverter fridge Toshiba, pots, dishes, frying pan, chopping board, kettle, rice cooker, microwave oven, electric stove.
  • King size bed plus private couch, double sided door curtains; front patio, coffee table set outdoor, fresh flowers - Romantic city view.
  • Queen bed with mattresses, linens, pillows, blankets, wardrobe; dual sided curtains.
  • Toilet accessories (lying bathtub, clever cloth hanger etc.).

Advantages & maid services

  • Location R5 Tower - Directly getting down shopping mall without going out.
  • Beds own balconies.
  • Housekeeper provided (room cleaning, washing clothes, changing bedsheets). Charged if require.

Commitment on renting our apartment

While you are living in here, in case any problems might arise, we will take an immediate action to solve it. Make sure that it is your truly happy home away from home.

Open hours

Whenever you can come to visit. We show up customers at your convenient time!

Enjoy photos

Looking at the images below. All the equipment will stay there for the comfortable usage of the clients.

Attractive violet sofa set - Wall mounted TV

Living room with decorative cabinets, ceiling fan

Black colour 6 chair dining table set

Separate kitchen - Tempered glass sliding doors

Appealing King size bed with mattress, bedside cabinet

Long couch near the bed - fabulous wallpaper designs

Queen bed with balcony

Second bed plus four door closet

Toilet Cabin, washing machine

Lying bathtub - Overmount basin, vanity

Clever cloth hanger

Child playhouse with slide - Playground

Tennis courts

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Brand-new, Semi-furnished, Generous Lodging, Thanh Pho Hoang Gia. Royal City Unfurnished Apartment. Cheap Tenement, 74 Nguyen Trai. Thanh Pho Hoang Gia - Unfinished - 3B/2B - Front Terrace. Map - Shopping mall, Schools, Kindergarten, Kizciti, Games, Cinema.

Today December 10th, 2018

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