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Hanoi Three bedroom two bathroom apartment, Royal City

Original Investor Condition and Status

* Add: Floor 22, R4, 72 Nguyen Trai road, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi
* Usable areas: 131.4m2
* Design: joint sitting room with dining, separate kitchen, internal sliding doors
* Status: Completely new and part-furnished
* Public utilities: Supermarket, skating rink, water park, Gym & Spa, food village
* 24/7 security & garage and reception.
* Rental rate: US$ 850 per month. Should you require any further information please feel free to contact us.

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Unfurnished Rentals at Royal City R4

There are still various friendly apartment to rent at Royal City lodgings, Nguyen Trai, Hanoi. Below is a choice for your housing search. Give us your contract, we can showcase you much more choices on the site for free of charge.

Partially furnished property features 3 beds 2 baths

Quietly located at the corner of 22nd floor of Tower R4, this shelter boasts wooden beds with windows, dining-room sharing with sitting-room, separate kitchen and 2 toilets (one shower and one lying bathtub). House owner has just received the digs from Vincom and so it is brand new and with basic fitting like closets, lighting system etc.

Specific features

  • High floor
  • Living room has front patio where can sit for coffee.
  • Well ventilated.

Check property price

Month rent is asking for 850 USD. Rate is subject to change without prior notice.

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View some real photos of this un-furnished apartment - Tower R4.

living room without dining table - Horizontal sliding folding doors

kitchen design with wash sinks in corner, stove, cabinets and drawers

Bed on the right side installed with metal color Closet

The main bed window looked directly into the central square

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Brand-new, Semi-furnished, Generous Lodging, Thanh Pho Hoang Gia. Royal City Unfurnished Apartment. Cheap Tenement, 74 Nguyen Trai. Thanh Pho Hoang Gia - Unfinished - 3B/2B - Front Terrace. Map - Shopping mall, Schools, Kindergarten, Kizciti, Games, Cinema.

Today December 10th, 2018

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