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* Position Information: 2, 376 Alley, Buoi Road, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, Vietnam
* Housing area (s.q.m): 70,1 m2 to 127,7 m2
* Design: 2- 3 bed apartment from privated owners
* Serviced apartments by host managing company
* Status conditions: international standard, Daily room cleaning
* Long & short term lease contract accepted
* Starting rate: 700 USD/month

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Special features: Indoor garage, swimming pool, sauna, Gym

Hoa Binh Green Tower Apartment Hanoi

Peacefully and conveniently positioned at No. 2, 376 Alley, Buoi Road, Ba Dinh, Hoa Binh Green Apartment Tower offers both modern serviced and non-serviced apartments boasting charming views of Westlake from the high storey, comprising of 153 apts with different types since two till three bedroom apartments that will be meet the need of single businessman or families.

Why do people choose this place to stay?

  • It is cozy  well equipped, full option, professional management, good secure.
  • Peaceful, spotless clean, convenient location.
  • Easily accessible street.

Sizes: 70,1 m2 to 127,7 m2, 02 up to 03 bedrooms, fully furnished high standards.

There are 6 property types of Apartments at Hoa Binh Green Tower, including:
  1. Apartment Type 1: Apt1
    Total area of apt 1: 89,6 m2
    Master bedroom : 21,5 m2
    Bedroom 1: 14,3 m2
    Common living area: 53 m2
  2. Apartment Type 2: Apt 2 & 8
    Total area : 127,7 m2
    Master bedroom : 22,5 m2
    Bedroom 1: 15,6 m2
    Bedroom 2: 13,9 m2
    Common living area: 71,7 m2
  3. Apartment Type 3: Apt 3 & 7
    Total area: 105,2 m2
    Master bedroom 1: 17,8 m2
    Bedroom 1: 14,3 m2
    Bedroom 2: 10,7 m2
    Common living area: 62,4 m2
  4. Apartment Type 4: Apt 4 & 6
    Total area : 70,1 m2
    Master bedroom: 15,6 m2
    Bedroom 1: 10,3 m2
    Common living area: 44,2 m2
  5. Apartment Type 5:
    Total area : 70,1 m2
    Master bedroom: 15,6 m2
    Bedroom 1: 10,3 m2
    Common living area: 44,2 m2
  6. Apartment Type 6: Apt 9
    Total area of apt 1: 88,6 m2
    Master bedroom : 21,5 m2
    Bedroom 1: 12,5 m2
    Common living area: 54,6 m2
Top amenities
  • Mini supermarket; Restaurant (Wasabi - Japanese restaurant); Kindergarten
  • Cinema, Bar, Swimming pool, gymnastics, Jacuzzi, Roof top garden, Golf link

Friendly Environment and High technology

  • An innovative air-conditioning system protect for living environment - VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume);
  • System for deodorizing and decontaminating kitchen, restrooms
  • Smart systems for ventilation, air handling.
  • Biological wastewater treatment system; Green surrounding area.
  • New technologies allow the building’s structure to withstand up to earthquakes of 8 richter.
  • The most sophisticated technology for glass, Sunergy, a pyrolytic coated glass that combines solar control with thermal insulation.
  • Advanced, modern elevator system; Fire detection & alarm system which complies with international standard.
  • The intelligent camera system to monitor 24h.
Rental Rate
  1. Hoa Binh Green normal apartment.
    Apartment at Hoa Binh Green owned by private owners offers the lowest: 700 USD/month New Offer width=
  2. Hoa Binh Green Serviced Apartment
    Serviced property at Hoa Binh Green is asking for, minimum 1500 USD/month New Offer width=
    (rental rate is subject to change without prior notice).


Apartment for Rent Hoa Binh Green Building

Hoa Binh Green - Hall - 2, 376 Alley, Buoi Road, Ha Noi

Hoa Binh Green Apartment - Indoor Swimming Pool

Map of Hoa Binh Green - Kindergarten

Lobby and Reception

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