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Au Co Garden Terrace Apartment

Look for one bedroom apartment rentals in Tay Ho district Hanoi. Westlake Homes offers terraced apartment for rent with surrounding gardens, flower plants, decorating mini mountains, little pond, bonsai which make your lovely apartment unique and extremely romantic.
➘ Price: US$1400 / month (Negotiable).

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Completed / Ready to Occupy Apartments

Westlake Hanoi luxury apartment includes Utility

Seek the right place to live.

Executive single apartment designing to meet expats' housing need

  • Open plan living room with imposing balcony: setup timber frame two sectional sofa with multi coloured pillows, plus fur carpet, double sided curtains (white thin layer combined with brown thick layer for doors where you can go out the gardens)
  • Extended dining zone: 4 chair dining set (export product)
  • Open kitchen: Toshiba fridge (Silent inverter, save off 55% energy); cooking appliances (rice cooker, frying pan, pots, dishes etc)

Building amenities & services

  • High-speed elevator; 24/7 security, motorbike parking; water heater, air-conditioners
  • Fixed phone connection line, Cable TV with multiple channels
  • Wi-Fi internet, breakfast & morning coffee drink
  • Complimentary maid service (room cleaning, changing bedsheets, washing clothes, dustbin collections)

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Look at our brand-new 1 bed 1 bath apartment free to rent.

Sitting room with front Patio

Living dining combo - 4 seater dining table set

Living dining kitchen combinations

TV stand and fresh flower vase

Wooden floor Bedroom with terraces

Queen size bed with headboard - View from outside look into inside

Toilet: shower, overmount sink, lavabo, grey color tile wall separator, tempered glass cabin

Flower pots, ideal Gardens outdoor

Your apartment with appealing balconies and green trees in front

Spacious Playground

Top floor Garden and Gymnastics

Gym room

What time you can visit

If you want to see our apartment, you can come tour anytime you like. Call us or take a drive directly to address: 7, 236 Au Co road, Tay Ho district, Hanoi. It is our great pleasure to serve you!

Today February 16th, 2019

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