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Paying charges for Apartments & Penthouse rentals - Negotiable between parties

Ciputra swimming pool

Renting your new home in Ciputra Nam Thang Long Hanoi gives you lots of advantages, such as good security, peaceful environment, only within walking distance to schools if you have a child etc. However, before signing a lease, you should make clear that what are included in the rent and what are excluded.

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Services in Ciputra Hanoi that the Lessee should pay:

Normally, the flowing services are excluded in the rental (depending on the negotiation between the client and the owner, they can be included):

  • Magagement fee: including common/public cleaning and security. It will charged based on the square meters /villas.
  • Garage: Private villa has its own garage, so you do not has to pay but the apartment.
  • Swimming pool, gym: paid by the Lessee to the service provider.
  • Monthly phone bill
  • Monthly internet bill
  • Monthly water bill
  • Monthly cable TV bill
  • Monthly gas bill
  • Monthly electricity bill.

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P1, P2 Buildings - ParkLane Towers - Ciputra, Hanoi

P1, E1 Buildings: Nam Thang Long, Hanoi

Apartments at P1 Building Ciputra

Apartments at P2 Building Ciputra

Swimming Pool in Ciputra Hanoi

Tennis Court in Ciputra

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Senior Well-maintained, Comparatively Modernized. Affordable Apartment at Ciputra Nam Thang Long. 3 Bed 2 Bath at P1, Parklane Towers, Contemporary Model. Family-friendly Apartment - P1 Park Lane. Individual Room L2 Leasing. Appealing and Outfitted Shelter - Get Free help from Agent. E1 Completely Equipped, Reasonably Priced - 123m2, 3BR/2bath. Ciputra Penthouse Apartment. Well-Cared & Perfect Leasehold at P1. Low level 4 BR, Generous LR - Friendly Owner. Ciputra International City Pretty Apartment. Phu Thuong, Bac Tu Liem Flat. Phu Thuong Tay Ho Apartment. Quietly positioned Cozy Apartment. Building E4 Competely Filled Pent. Wonderful Design Gourmet Kitchen, Block P1. Ciputra Nam Thang Long Development Budget Apartment. 4 bed 2 bath Apartment. Simple form, Low-Price. Ciputra Lac Long Quan Apartment. Reasonable Price for your Relocation. Ciputra Nguyen Hoang Ton Apartment (3B/2B). 3BDRM/2WC - White Kit, Timber fl LVGRM - P1 TWR. Big Refrigerator, Full Kit Appliances, Bright LIVRM + Kid Room. Ciputra Homestay. Private Apartment has 3BR/ 2B/r - Quiet & Comfortable. 3BR/2BA Apt - Full Natural lights. 3BED/2BATH - Charming Style - Upscale Fitment. Kid Friendly, Fully Appointed Apartment. G02 apartment Near Vo Chi Cong Street. 4B/2B Open Terrace Unit, Wide Windows. 4Br/2Bath, Wooden floor, Upper class Interior - BLDG G03. Low-Income 4BR/2BA, G03 Ciputra Tay Ho. Tay Ho Restful Retreat Middle Level. North West Direction Suite - Online Order. Self Catering Flat in Block E5, Residential Project. Basic Equip.: Sofa Set, Dining Table, Safe - Low-Price. Well-Appointed Furnishings. Ciputra Luxury Apartment (Large size) - Call Realtors Soon. Shining apartment, Lower-rate, Front Patio - 3BR+2BA. Three bedroom apartment. Completed Duplex for Rent. Which Bills to Pay. Map.

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