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Hanpro Co., Ltd is specializing in managing, advertising and providing property services Hanoi including: semi-furnished or completed apartments, upcoming, ongoing villa projects, individual houses, shophouses for rent for domestic tenants and expatriates, so we will satisfy all of your letting needs (Browse listings to learn further information).

⚠ Properties Available
Property agent, Hanpro do not make sure that we can post all availabilities on this website, but it is sure whatever you want: whether you are searching for self-contained apartment low-rises or high-rise towers, terrace duplex, row villa complexes / compounds, family-owned link townhouses or office spaces across Ha Noi, our residential and commercial real estate broker team are able to help you find it out with very appropriate rate for a short time period.

Steps in Brokerage services

Introducing basic steps as follows

Rental process

Step 1: Search all unoccupied properties, pick out truly relevant realty (also incl recommendations for neighboring friendly community & natural environment), analyze the pros and cons, then show you onsite. Keep doing it until you seek out happy home or office.

Step 2: Hanoi property agents boost occupant negotiate with house owner about equipment, fittings and amenities required by the Client and provided by Lessor, then getting the most suitable prices for both parties.

Negotiating conditions and articles listed in tenancy Contract to be done, fit both sides, such as: Lease Agreement duration, terms & times of payments, move-in date etc.

Step 3: Eventually, sign Lease Contract. The written Contract starts coming into effect since timeline it is officially signed by both sides, when all obligations inside leasing contract have been approved.

Hanpro Co., Ltd - Realtor Commitments

  • We give free guidance & onsite inspection all over Capital.
  • Offering Lessees with Best Price for better relations and consultation with Lessors.
  • Instant response, 24/24 hour working days, 07 days a week.
  • Perfect aftercare: detailed guide, devoted customer service after rent etc.

Benefits for Lessees:

  • Saving your precious time: We are a professional real estate company, so being capable of assisting occupants rent right property legally, rapidly, & in a smart simply way.
  • Saving your penny:

    First of all, renters do not need to pay us any commission when renting a house with us. Landlord has to do that. A question may arise by doing so, intermediary lettings are higher than direct booking from hosts, is not? Answer is NO, because Landlord shall increase the deal faster.

    Secondly, since our real estate experts know the availability of properties and present market situation well, we can give you true advice of locations & pricing ranges; the better negotiation and services.

Benefits for Lessors:

Our staffs aid you in collecting and arranging related documents with free consultancy. You do not have to pay us any commission until the Tenants rent your properties.

Agency Commission

Commission fee is negotiated between the housing agency and owners.

Property For Sale

According to current Vietnam Law, private foreigners (Oversea Vietnamese) are allowed to buy realty Vietnam with several specific criteria. Read furthermore concerning Vietnam housing law.

Frequently Asked Questions on Land in Vietnam

Both Clients and Landlords might have several FAQs about renting properties. Hanoi property counselors will here help solve out those problems.

For Lessees

  1. Which interests do I get received if I lease?

    The answer is that you have extra room, much more privacy and cheaper in comparison with Hotel room reservations.

  2. Where should I rent a shelter?

    It depends on your demand. However, to our best knowledge, West Lake - Tay Ho, Hoan Kiem, Hai Ba Trung, Dong Da, Ba Dinh districts, and newly developing zones: Cau Giay, Tu Liem district - Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh are places which tenants look for inasmuch intelligibly, they can use better utilities: easy traffic, supermarkets, international schools for kids, being-close-to offices, and so forth.

  3. What costs should I pay?

    Privately owned flats, townhomes, villas, offices:

    Firstly, you have to pay the rent to possessor (normally include VAT).

    Secondly, electricity, water, telephone, internet expenditure will be paid by lessee.

    Serviced accommodations & offices:

    Usually, VAT, electricity, water, satellite TV bills are included in rent, but telephone bill is of course excluded. Note: Tenement details plan to be discussed by resident and Lessor with objective assistance from our relocation professionals.

  4. Do I have to make a deposite before moving in?

  5. It is highly recommended. Surely, other seekers can not take over it. Also, mainly Lessors ask renter to make a security deposit. It will be refunded when rental contract ends, therefore occupiers do not violate prior agreements clause.

  6. How long should my contract be?

    A residential tenancy agreement should be at least 3 months up to years. For vacation rentals (weeks to under 3 months), please book online by email or phone call.

  7. Who decides last rate?

    It is made by both dweller and Lessor with unbiased helps from us. Thus, leaseholder could obtain competitive rates.

  8. What benefits can I earn?
    • Saving your precious time: We have got rental expert. They are well qualified, well hearted, industrious staff with years of experience, so we are competent to assist you move immediately.
    • Saving your money: Enjoy your ideal leasehold with appealing price.

For Private Lessors

  1. What kinds of taxes do I have to pay?

    Paying tax is the duty & responsibility of citizens. So, you must pay housing tax for Vietnam functional authorities. Stay in touch with us to update tax regulations.

  2. What tasks should I do if expats rent my home?
    • Foremost, get occupier visa plus passport to register their residency at Police (our dedicated letting consultant can help leaseholders deal with that).
    • Second, keep it in good condition & status earlier, later and while Lessees are staying currently.
    • Third, repair it as agreed.

Renting Tips for landlords today

  1. What should I do to rent out my dwellings easily and quickly?

    Location: if your rental homes is located in convenient position, it is an advantage of fast deals. Nevertheless, a handful of houses are not, thus you should prepare:

    1. Assuredly your dwelling place operates smoothly:
      • Provide high standard construction materials & usual maintenance.
      • Offer excellent facilities: complete electricity, water system.
      • Support nice internal decor & eye catching furniture: two-way air cons, big-sized fridge, modern washing machine plus dryer, cable/satellite TV, multi-drawer wardrobe, master bedrooms, mattresses, electricity generator, high speed internet (ADSL, Wifi), phone line if required, safe box etc. Make sure all things work well.
      • Keep whole house neatly. Everything is in order.
      • Clean inside the room & surrounding areas if possible such as outdoor gardens, access road.
    2. Watering your bonsai regularly and take care of your lawn court if yes.
    3. Be sure your place in friendly active warm atmosphere and advanced security control systems.

      In addition, if you are a friendly, open-hearted, that is strong point.

  2. What should I do to let out my office easily and effectively?

    Just do the same as above, except furnishings supply. It is going to be bargained by Lessee and you.

Any additional requests, feel free to contact expat housing services now - Hanpro specialists. We will make your deal successful.

Expat housing consultants / Cooperation

As said above, our leading target is to meet all your requirements at best quality and rate, we select and cooperate with reliable real estate firms within Hanoi City to hunt out your dream properties. In such a way, we believe you should never miss out really attractive chance!

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