Vinhomes Riverside Fully Furnished Villa for Rent 3 Bedroom 4 bathroom, Long Bien District, Hanoi

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Hanoi Self contained villa - Open concept living room dining room kitchen

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Hanoi 3 bedroom Villa rentals

Brief description

Long Bien Location. 265 m2 land area; medium size Salon; Spread kitchen cabinet Kitchen; Outward Gara; Kid-friendly; Well-kept Garden; Public G‌ym.
Asking price: $2000/month. Condition: Long-term contract.

Specials: Milk White Flower
Detailed information

Looking for 3 bedroom villas for rent in Long Bien Hanoi?

This outstanding attraction HS2 villa Hanoi with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (Hoa Sua or Milk white flower) is positioned in the Vinhomes Riverside, Viet Hung, Long Bien, district, offering one open plan living room installing wood carving patterns panels sharing with dining area + wide kitchen pass through overlooking the River + garden, stylish flower wall near stairs leading to sleeping rooms separately on the second and third floor. It is perfectly maintained as you can see real images below, such as wide wood kitchen cabinet, 8 chair dining table set attached; double bed plus modern bedding, closets provided. The most favorable & impressive fact of this 3 bed 4 bath villa is modern added brand new furnishings.

Contract period

  • Duration: Owner prefers one year lease tenancy or longer.
  • Deposit: Security deposit should be equivalent to one month rent.
  • Payment: Every 3 months or 6 months.
  • Move-in date: Available, tenants can move in right away!
  • Other terms: Should be discussed further.
Searching photos

Take a look at some images:

Living dining kitchen combo together

Milk white Flower Villa: Modern kitchen appliances and dining table set - Half coutertop separator

Main room, windows installation

Light blue Built-in closet, waorking desk, laminate floors

Tall TV cabinet and Flat TV in Bed 2

Colorful pictures for decoration

Ornamental desk and Cute wall clock

Inside the Dwelling - Path among rooms

A beautiful day at Vinhomes Riverside

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