Tay Ho Hanoi Private Swimming Pool Villa for Rent - 5 bedroom 5 bathroom House Plans

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Searching private pool, family villas in Westlake Village

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Hanoi 5 bedroom floor plans

Brief description

Tay Ho Location. 400 m2 land area; Great Water Views Salon; European white color cabinets Kitchen; Generous Indoor parking Gara; Personal pool; Spacious gardens; Fine terrace Garden; No G‌ym.
Asking price: $3500/month. Condition: Long-term contract.


Detailed information

Finding 5 bedrooms 5 bathrooms Pet-friendly housing

Looking for 5 bedroom villas in Tay Ho district with Lake View? Come and have look at this stunning furnished home.

Lying on the verge of Westlake, this peaceful well equipped rentals offer 5 beautiful separate outfitted beds with modern fitted kitchen + sunny living room with spacious back yard plus garden that overlooks charming foggy Grand lake.

Lake view appointed unit

Houses available for rent

It is fully furnished to high standard.

  • Air-conditioners in all the rooms; Beds, mattresses, pillows, closets are set up properly.
  • Hot and cold water system is installed; Modern fridge & washing machine is laid in the kitchen.
  • Kitchen facilities like range hood, luxury electricity stove, oven etc.
  • Garage: Car is easy to park inside the house; Open-air swimming pool with green trees
  • Good security; Close by Westlake, perfect for walking. Pets allowed.
  • Pet policy: Cats and dogs are permitted.

Checking pricing

  • The rate is offering at 3500 USD/month.
  • This price is subject change without prior notice.

The rent is exclusive of:

  • Electricity expense; Telephone bill; Broadband internet; Water charge; Gas bill.

Viewing photos

Have a look at some photos for the individual villa Tay Ho community.

Privately owned villa in a quiet place

Swim and enjoy the beauty of Lake Views

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