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Ciputra 4 bedroom villa Hanoi

Brief description

Tay Ho Location. 370 m2 land area; Cool decorative granite Salon; connection Kitchen; wall partition Gara; Up-to-date building pool; foreground Garden; Fitness center G‌ym.
Asking price: $1400/month. Condition: Long-term contract.

Specials: Tay Ho
Detailed information

Seek for 4 bed 4 bath villas to stay?

Designed with an area of 210 sq., lying near Hanoi Academy, this modern unfurnished detached villa to rent boasts sunny bright living area adjacent to kitchen + dining space plus a car park on the ground level. The stairs leads you up the second floor offering 2 beds 2 baths separately. There are additional 02 sleeping rooms on the third floor installed two toilets and nice balcony. Top floor is where you can hang on clothes, laying washer, clothes dryer.

Learning amenities

  • Partially equipped: Cabinet, ADSL Internet connection , Fixed phone line are installed.
  • Onsite public gym, swimming pool; Indoor garage and outdoor parking; International management, Ciputra clubhouse Hanoi
  • Hospitable & well hearted reception; 24/7 hour security

Rental price

  • This property is offering at 1400 USD/month. Rate is might change without prior notice. Leasing now!New

Seeing 4 bedroom 4 bathroom villa online photos

Have a look at some photos for this Ciputra house, Hanoi.

Street front with green trees and red flowers

Front Yard

Back courtyard decorative wall - Ha Long Stone carving landscape mountains planted bonsai

Left side - title floor attached with little plants grown

Explore light green Open concept Living room

garage doors rolling shutter, expanding into front yard

Opening up kitchen into dining room

Timber walk-in closet

pentagon bathroom surrounded by black marble tile

toilet vanity, face sink combo

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