Private Swimming Pool Villa in Ciputra Hanoi

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Hanoi Swimming pool villa for rent

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Hanoi 5 bedroom villa

Brief description

Bac Tu Liem Location. 610 m2 land area; Shared with Kit & DIN Salon; Open concept Kitchen; Terraced garage Gara; Private pool; At the dead-end road Garden; Common usage G‌ym.
Asking price: $2800/month. Condition: Long-term contract.

Specials: Bac Tu Liem
Detailed information

Ciputra Bac Tu Liem Superior 5 bedroom 5 bathroom villa, located in Block T

If you are looking for big villas for your family inside Ciputra Complex Hanoi, this one could be suitable to your requirement. Also, Hanpro provide you with much more options when you've planned to take a real look onsite.

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Designed layout area of 450 m2, this quiet cool fully equipped (cosy décor) house is offering front sizable garden leading to personal outdoor pool plus garage next to open spacious living zone by extending dining area close by well furnished kitchen expansion by separated timber floors filled with bedding like blankets, pillows, bedsheets on so forth, having balconies overlooking charming City - Open view!

Learn attractions Nearby

  • About 10 minutes' taxi to Metro supermarket; Close to Nguyen Hoang Ton street, bars, café, restaurant
  • 20-25 minutes' car to Noi Bai Airport, Noi Bai industry zone; 20-25 minutes' taxi to Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi City.

Large size Family 5 bed 5 bath villa pricing

  • This home is asking for 2800 USD per month.
  • The above price is subject to change without prior notice.

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Green trees, banana

Ample Villa

Generous Outfitted Living room

Dissimilar Kitchen - Totally appointed u-shaped kitchen countertop

Great Master room with patio in front, installing white color bunch curtains

Timber frame double bed with both headboard and footboard

Massive Cute bright King size bed with tall headboard

Space between rooms - Iron bar separator

Access to Upscale Urban Project

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