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Duplex rentals by direct owner

Tay Ho 3 bedroom duplex immediate Vacancy
ID: 705

Modern Well appointed duplex apartment leasing

Family friendly 3 bed 3 bath duplex rent in Golden Westlake features a gross acreage: 256m2, open plan living room with wide patio sharing with dining place and senior stylish kitchen with cooking facilties; Short distance to Downtown, close to Ho Tay Lake, beautiful landscape. Pets control: (Cats / dogs) allowed. MDU price at: $3500/mon.

Golden Westlake beautiful duplex
ID: 526

Ideal Private Lakeview duplex for Rent Tay Ho West Lake

This high-class unfurnished duplex flat (3 beds 3 baths) is located at 151 Thuy Khue Tay Ho, accommodates 260m2, bright airy sitting room with amazing Lake view balcony, timber sleeping rooms, unique location; Building utilities: gara, pool, fitness. Looking for supplementary news.
Pricing: $2500/month.

Low cost Duplex
ID: 600

Cheap fitted duplex for lease available now

4 beds 3 baths - Ciputra Hanoi affordable duplex to rent has got superficies of 210m2, roomy living room connected with eating room and open kitchen, cozy industrial laminate flooring. Many options. Check availability.
Charge at $1100/month.

Downtown Grand duplex
ID: 605

Big size high ranking duplex apartment for rent

Rare duplex in Downtown - 637m2 floor plan plus 113 square meters of garden terrace, 5 bedrooms, very spacious living room with gorgeous views of City, 5 WCs; fully equipped, charming City views; just five minutes taxi arriving at Vincom Ba Trieu - shopping center and recreation. Seek additional info.

Nam Tu Liem 3 BR
ID: 852

Nam Tu Liem duplex unit - Free Brokerage

3 bed 2 bath - Located at the top floor of The Garden Complex, My Dinh, Nam Tu Liem this individual penthouse boasts a total area: 250 sqm, comprising of shopping mall, Gymnasium, open-air pool, sauna; Indoor car park, 24/7 security, reception hall; On-site swimming pool, fitness center, spa, Big C supermarket, shops, bars, Korean restaurants etc.
Cost: 1800 USD/month.

Mandarin Garden Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh Cau Giay district
ID: 160

Cau Giay luxury duplex Suite - Online Order

4 beds, 3-4 toilets - Mandarin Garden Hoa Phat Hoang Minh Giam street, Cau Giay offers lots of outfitted and semi-furnished suites, (302m2), spacious living room, well-ventilated mdern kitchen; Building services: gymnastics, moern clean swimming pool, spa, fitness center onsite. Walking distance to Big C supermarket, 7 minutes away from Vincom Royal City shopping mall. Book a budget duplex, get in touch with us.
Call for price.

Low cost Duplex
ID: 175

Rent Duplex with pools, gym, business center and recreation

Immaculate duplex to lease is placed at Vincom 191 Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung district, has got layout 350m2, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. Indoor swimming pool, fitness center, game zone & various recreations, onsite superkmarket, Cinema, and many restaurants, cafes, office buildings nearby. See detailed information.
Median Prices $3500-4000/month.

splendid locus
ID: 564

Wonderful Privately Owned Furnished Duplex

3 beds / 3 baths - Supreme accommodation is located at 162A Hoang Hoa Tham, Thuy Khue road Tay Ho, designed with used ground of 258m2, including wood floors, living zone kitchen combination, WCs; Public utilities: Swimming pool, Gym, sauna, yoga; 24/7 hour security, garage.
Fee: 2800 USD/month.

Hoan Kiem penthouse
ID: 19

Hoan Kiem Top floor apartment vacant

Low price Small penthouse. This small complete top level apartment is located on the top floor of Duy Tan Apartment building, Hoan Kiem district, consting of wooden bedroom, open brilliant living zone with front balcony where tenants can enjoy coffee overlooking fantastic City in connection with little kitchen + dining, plus one bathroom.
Offering rate $800/mon.

Hanoi triplex - Golden Westlake Thuy Khue
ID: 897

Readily Completed Triplex in Hanoi

Lake-view penthouse. 4 bed 4 bath penthouse has been provided with superb furnishings, located at Hoang Hoa Tham, Tay Ho district, comprising of 475m2 stretch, consisting of vast living room with second to none views of Ho Tay Lake, separate bedchambers plus en-suites; Fabulous lake views at every corner you look. Learn further details.
Asking price $3000/mon.

+ Letting duplex Buildings

- Duplex complexes

+ Multifamily Residence Advantages

- Pros

Most of rental duplexes have large areas, with lots of bedrooms, so they fit big families. They are often located on the high floor, thus you can look at the water or Cityscape fabulously.

+ Disadvantages

- Cons
  • Pay much more building service money due to big size.
  • Sometimes you have to wait lifts if staying on high level duplex apartments for rent.

+ Housing inspection requirements

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