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Park 3 Times City 458 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Southeast Hanoi, 1-4 beds. Ranging charged from $1300 up to $1500. Complimentary Wifi Internet, water, room cleaning 3 times weekly.

Hanoi serviced apartments - Trieu Viet Vuong, Hai Ba Trung near Hoan Kiem Downtown. $1300 monthly inclusive of cable TV, NHK Premium, cleaning service. Only one room left.

Ngoc Khanh lake view, Thu Le zoo magnificent views. Original pricing starts about 1100 USD (Discount 10% = $<990 towards).

Short-term 2 bedroom apartment 7, 236 Au Co, Tay Ho for rent. Price negotiation $450 ++ Currently Available

Motorbike parking, Wireless internet connectivity throughout, laundry 03 times per week.

Normal apartment 151 Thuy Khue Tay Ho district Hanoi. $800 or higher.

High-rise has provided lessees with wide collection (pliable extending conditions)

72-74 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan 2 bed 2 bath apartment, cheapest price: $650.

Strategically located, Renowned complex includes R1-R6, 44 various types, popular sizes: 55 - 221.5 m2 (Combined living dining room). (Gratis management fee).

20 Nui Truc, Giang Vo ward, Ba Dinh. Lowest price: $650. Luxurious facility: heated pool, GYM, 24/7 secure, reception courtesy etc.

Mini studios top-notch units. Flexible tenancy agreement.

Balcony house for rent


Nguyen Luong Bang house, Dong Da

Hunt for little houses? Month rate: US$1600.

Au Co Gorgeous decoration, Counter separators

Au co, Tay Ho house, Westlake Hanoi

Nested at narrow alley, being fresh, tranquil, Au Co street impressive kid-friendly self contained houses Westlake. Asking rate: $1200 per month. Extra charges apply.

Expanding Dining - Wanting tenement - cute human pictures

Xuan La Xuan Dinh house, Bac Tu Liem.

Cosy well-appointed stylish brick house Northwest Hanoi conveniently positioned close Pham Van Dong road, Dong Ngac.

Featured villas, Townhomes for Rent

Row Villas Viet Hung Long Bien.

3 - 4 bed 4 bath villas Vincom Village Current price: $1000.

5 beds 5 baths, corner townhouse, ideal position.

Upscale inspiring house design, window shutters, absolutely quiet tower ship, numberless choices, backdoor space. A/C, electronic equipment, clear images television, fridge, cooking accessories, waste bins already. Pets ok. Begins $900.

Unfurnished villa, 5 beds 6 baths. Good chance - Free tour!

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Housing property

Recent years, Vietnam′s economy achieved significant progress thanks the innovation policy, strengthen global cooperation. Number of foreign workers increased significantly, accompanied urgent problems. Hanpro advertiser brings convenience, marvelous services fitting their expectations.

Letting agents - Âu Cơ, Quảng An, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội

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Event Highlights: We regularly have special promotions on the occasion of traditional Lunar New Year, Christmas, International Women Day on March 8 to thank customers. You will receive vouchers at famous resorts such as Flamingo Dai Lai Vinh Phuc - majestic ecological resort thereto.

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Serviced apartments short stay, sublets.

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One bedroom apartment for rent

Deluxe 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom apartment so neat. Lucky building North Hanoi.

Serviced Residence

Diamond Westlake Suites apartment Hotel Sedona. Holiday apartment 96 To Ngoc Van Tay Ho

Future Apartment Short Term / Temporary duration

Many persons interested by prime location, convenient transportation, fire safety security guaranteed; electricity system, educational institutions, health centers nearby.

Rent clever House - Immediate Occupancy

This process sometimes makes you tired because too much junk information disturbance. Sift reputable intermediary service provider, aid you reconcile all difficulties, bottlenecks.

Construction finishing work / Refurbishment recommended

Open house ideas: Like peaceful environment, safe security, unique decorating. Overlooks panoramic Lake surroundings/stunning Cityscape, short distance away from Lake, advantageous early morning jogging, Never lose great opportunity. Watch true photos attached, particular details. Highly recommended spectacular spot.

Completed Apartments ready to occupy

Hanoi Inner City fair Newly constructed 1 Bedroom Apartments renovated, well-kept

Moon apartment Quang An: contemporaneous architecture, ceiling fans, wall mounted air conditioners, front loading dryer washing machine combo.

Finding your first apartment easily

Nice entirely presented 2 bedroom apartments suitable families, travelers, expats living

Eco friendly house materials: comprises outfitted wood floors. Surrounding attractions: infrastructure owning premier tennis courts, fast food, mini marts, cafes.

Immediately vacant 3 Bedroom Apartments with contemporary shopping center, dynamic sports, amazing gyms

Water point apartment Western Hanoi. Additionally, the large-scale developing complex offer realty, high-class showroom systems, retails. Consists British International school, enchanting golf club, lawn football, BBQ, VinMart.

Apartment with shared indoor pool

South West Hanoi privately owned swimming pool apartment

Generally, realty boasts solid wood flooring, airy lounge, black stylized second guest extent, meal, kitchen pass through, plus reach fitments, top-floor relaxing regions. Period 12 months or over 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom apartment.

Tenancy agreement 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom apartment, durable price roughly costs $851.

Find perfect home for rent with public utilities included like spacious garage, open-air pool, world-class gym, superior sauna, famous fitness center

Sublet Vinhomes Times City Park Hill Apartment - "Best rental locations"

Long term lets

Affordable selective apartments rent options below

Hai Ba Trung apartments: Exceptional amenities: meeting hall, car park, tightened regulations, banks, children playground, catering customer service. Hoan Kiem apartments semi-furnished. Facilities: word schools, organizations, golf course, immaculate Gym, tennis, outstanding badminton. Dong Da apartments presumably five minutes drive away National Convention Center, approximately 20 km since Hoàn Kiếm Lake.

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Thanh Xuan apartments - Everything at fingertips. Without doubt, Royal City is truly remarkable destination foreigners staying, doing business. Cau Giay apartments This homey tube house situated very near piazza, eateries, hospitals, universities, Tay Son Kindergarten (Ho Dac Di Nam Dong), balconies. Nam Tu Liem apartments accommodates middle-level storage, shining sitting room shared dining zone connected, added cabinet.

Serviced apartments Hoan Kiem features timber-level, chief closets, drawing expanse, salon shares eating area inside, courtyard, leading furnishings, effortless traffic, few walks arriving romantic Ho Tay. Undoubtedly, It is warm, tidy completely.

Exclusive serviced apartments, Outdoor swimming pools

Try spend, enjoy life & utmost comfort. Each top-line unit holds splendid scenery. Uncover Rose Garden Tower 170 Ngoc Khanh apartments, Meet strict requirements Rainbow 7 Trieu Viet Vuong Hai Ba Trung, South Hanoi, specific statistics Dolphin plaza 28 Tran Binh apartments privacy, unforgettable memories.

Relocations discovery from trusted sources & keywords related

Starcity Le Van Luong: supreme Gym on premises, Eurowindow Multicomplex apartments, near Big C supermarket, spa, picturesque restaurants, eye-catching furniture, food shops, industrial parks.

Private villa

Whatever long/short-stays, the resident might detect unit here: Vinhomes Riverside brand-new villa East Hanoi. Learn additional figures!

Semi-detached villa

Tu Hoa villa West Hanoi

Unbelievable recreations, fascinating bowling, grand cinema, vast busy mega mall, fingerprint access control devices 4 bedroom villa , BVIS school, water park, exciting ice ring 4 bed 4 bath villa for rent, retail office space, department store, 5 bedroom villa spotless parking basement , 5 bed 4 bath villa, regular maintenance & care 5 bed 5 bath villa, cottage, 6 bed 6 bath landed house appealing verandas.

Splendora villa Bac An Khanh, Hoai Duc district, (Bắc An Khánh huyện Hoài Đức) - High-quality compound is created as senior restful urban where friends can escape the hustle and bustle of City life. Average rates, min almost: $ 950/month. Offers excellent interiors having patios, 114 - 302 sq. acreage.

Family house

Select following peculiar shelters: Around 15 minutes reaching Hanoi City Centre Dong Da houses, highest living standard, extended living dining combination, Tay Ho Houses tour, used land Ba Dinh houses awesome fabulous Lakeview.

Individual house

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Nowadays there are innumerable channels of communication together marketing approach methods assist you. Nonetheless, not often you fortunately meet trustworthy brokers. Our consultancy specialists understand, have valuable estate field experience. Therefore, you have complete peace of mind when working with us. Obey slogan customer-centric to serve whether you are a buyer, seller or lessee, we consistently strive our best, please even the most discerning purchasers.

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Apartments with three bedrooms and two bathrooms across Hanoi City

Terraced house

Promising land. Some people say they squander too much efforts, but still not satisfied. Inasmuch as the "Hanoi house" achieves strong points however it loses something else - not comprehensive. We recommend you easy-going, accept reality. Remember striking valued homes are not always empty. Let’s grab possibility when it came earlier its excessively late.

Seeking relocation companies

Seek out happy home inspections, save clients precious time, money, whole things seekers should do is liaise our advisors, providing basic details such as: What sites, floor-plan areas, fittings status; How much you can afford; When book (move-in date) & any further requests.

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Who help you promote immovable, smart solutions. Let our realtors know detailed enquiry(address, product description, brief personal contact). Hanpro Co., Ltd Vietnam qualified professionals will advertise it free.

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Browse links: HC Minh Huong Nhat Tan Apartment West Lake. Brilliant way of settling coming places rapidly at reasonable rate is making Hanpro direct contact (send message). We not only showcase customers numerous selections on spot, compare property prices but also give truthful facts, helpful moving tips before signing contract. Surely you will feel reliable effective, then extremely comfortable!

Why renting is better than owning a home - Advantages and disadvantages

Follow these simple steps

Tenants gains tremendous financial benefits meanwhile rocky market affect lessors, hereinafter are typical vital reasons (pros and cons):

  • Property to rent in Hanoi
  • No maintaining demand, renovation cost, mortgage troubles: Homeowner is responsible dealing repair bills
  • Besides, consumers could avoid important financial burden: Don′t have to pay housing taxes.
  • Renters are not adversely affected while values go up and down.
  • Lower utility charges: purchasing operating expenses request considerable amount, whereas renting requires only deposit equal one month′s rent.

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Supplementary topics - Sincere advice: Read tips and tricks under:

Wonderful Secrets help homeowners rent faster wherever

We notice countless hosts hope his home is taken as soon as possible but do not realize how to do that. Here is checklist (some fundamental ways):

  • Firstly organized tasks: eternally keep house prepared thoroughly, cleanliness, orderliness state.
  • Secondly, procurement fully furnished extravagant style youthful (avoiding outdated, antique), bright colors (Avoid garish) (Occupants are mainly middle-aged individuals, students); flower growing techniques.
  • Thirdly, turn on air conditioning helping cool room previously guests visit.
  • Last but not least, killing mosquitoes. Disinfection: termites, cockroaches, ants.

Strictly implement instructions above, you shall definitely obtain satisfactory results.

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We are getting disposable to cooperate with economic corporations, groups, associations, propose property investment strategy etc.

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