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Irresistible Apartment Layout
ID: 109-659

Hanoi Apartment 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms Well maintained - Golden Westlake

3 Beds / 3 Baths
Block E panoramic well equipped highly gently placed tenement has got acreage of 225 sqm, consisting of warm welcoming living room shared dining room, combined small kitchen, Ho Tay view, added vast seats (flat TV, standing fan, rice cooker, pantings, oven, bedding, linens, refrigerator, washing machine with tumble dryer). Seeking more info.
Price: $2700.

Deluxe Decorating
ID: 102-845

Luxury Family Apartment for Rent with Gym, Onsite Fitness Centre

3 Beds / 3 Baths
Stylish appointed apartment is lying on low-floor of Tower E accommodates 200m2, including cosy timber-floors, sparkling immaculate open concept living room sharing definitely fitted dining zone and upscale kitchen.
Prices offering: US$1200 / month.

Great terrace, fittings
ID: 17-2821

Unbelievable Lake View Balcony Apartment - Child friendly Holidays

3 Beds / 3 Baths
West Lake courteous apartment completed is silently located, containing scenic beauty of Ho Tay, open plan sitting having rolling light preventing curtains shared with the dining room, separate kitchen, natural laminate floor finnish style furnishings constructed by famous furniture firm. It is an ideal option if customers do business inside or nearby City centre, or people who work in embassies.
Price: US$5400 per month.

incredible decors
ID: 102-780

Self-catering Affordable Apartment with Outdoor Swimming pool, The Manor high-rise

3 Beds / 3 Baths
This colourful fresh apartment gives comfortable storage, lofts, expanded living with red colour L-shaped sofa couch, black wooden dining-table, plus 6 chair dining set, closed kitchen with appliances (sizable double door fridge). It is skillfully designed 189m2. Pets allowed.
Landlady: US$1400/mon.

considerable Apartment Vacancy
ID: 107-940

Mandarin Garden Cau Giay Prime Apartment, Private Owner

3 Beds / 3 Baths
This Hoang Minh Giam grand unit consists of spacious sunny open living zone in connected with shiny dining area and opening up kitchen facing Tran Duy Hung. All the rooms are conservatively provided with awesome decoration good quality interiors and available to check in. It is suitable for families of 4-5 people / company groups or tenants who love roomy space - Order ASAP.
Price: 1900 USD / month.

Xom Chua large Apartment - Dang Thai Mai
ID: 24-919

Xom Chua Superior Apartment, Dang Thai Mai, Tay Ho lakeview

3 Beds / 3 Baths
Dang Thai Mai exclusive apartment, Xom Chua region. This spacious suite provides acreage of approximately 290m2, broad expanding living space, front balconies, extensive kitchen pass thru counter, cooking tools. This building also offers some additional options. Experience & satisfy your extended stays or business trips.
Pricing: US$2900/mon.

Dolphin Plaza shining Apartment
ID: 52-860

Dolphin Plaza Unique Apartment Nearby Bus Stops, Nam Tu Liem

3 Beds / 3 Baths
The eye-catching apartment is conveniently positioned on middle-floor of Dolphin Plaza, comprising of 164m2, white marble living room, close kitchen, maid room. It looks bright and cozy. Only need to bring your personal luggage to move in. Read further details.
Price: US$1300.

Residential Housing Complex
ID: 171-714

Want Apartment with Pool for Rent Hanoi

3 Beds / 2 Full Baths
Nested on the middle-level, has open wooden lounge (front patio overlooks My Dinh National Stadium), dining kitchen combination (freezer, washing machine and cooking accessories), (wide windows, beddings).
Price: $1000/mon.

Thang Long Number Viglacera
ID: 1-2825

West Hanoi Fully Furnished Apartment with Garage, Brand-new Equipment

3 Beds / 2 full Baths
Sited on Tower B, Thang Long Number One, within short walks away from Big C supermarket, route coming directly, this supreme newly built apartment boasts over 111m2, combining beautiful brilliant & windy ceramic tile living space hung up lovely pictures & fascinating flower vases, wooden flooring designs. Check out supplementary information.
Pricing: $1000/month.

Outfitted Penthouse
ID: 68-599

Ciputra Penthouse Apartment - Direct landlord rentals

4 Beds / 3 Baths
Sited at the central position of E4, the budget duplex in Ciputra (ongoing project) features airy extending living hall joined dining-place, accommodating gourmet kitchen. Utilities included: car parking, golf club, kid playground etc. Do not miss it out while relocating! Visit this complex today!
Price: US$1109/mon.

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